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Experience and Capacities:

Our operating systems have wide range in capabilities. In terms of flue gas flow rate, the smallest system is 4,000 lbs/hr and the largest system is 580,000 lbs/hr. Over 93% NOx reduction rate has been demonstrated.


  • Small fire tube boilers, packaged water tube boilers, large industrial boilers, HRSGs, power plant boilers
  • Gasoline or diesel fired engines
  • Marine engines
  • Field steam generators
  • Refuse fired boilers
  • Refinery heaters
  • Incinerators
  • Various types process furnaces
  • Other fossil fuel fired systems




Standardized Systems:

Refer to PaNOxTM De-NOx SCR System Brochure for Standardized Systems for commercial and industrial boilers and engines.

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Chemical Dosing systems

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