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Experience and Capacities:

GloEn-Patrol™ is a combined treatment system taking advantage of Filtration & UV irradiation, the most environmentally friendly and optimally designed solution for every kind of vessel to install and operate.

Adopting a 100% physical treatment technology, GloEn-Patrol™ effectively disinfects harmful aquatic organism and pathogen in ballast water without producing any toxic substance during ballasting & de-ballasting.

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  • Bulk Carriers
  • Container Carrier
  • Product & Chemical Carriers
  • Crude Oil Tankers
  • Asphalt / Chemical Tankers
  • General Cargo Carriers
  • LPG Carriers
  • LNG Carriers
  • Ro-Ro Carriers / Ferries
  • Offshore Vessels
  • Drill Ships 
  • Special Ships